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Villa Maria Born in New Zealand, 1961

The winemaker stood in the stony, bony soils of a valley where a river had shifted its course, and in a raw landscape carved when the seabed was uplifted by earthquake, and he could taste it.

The extraordinary possibility of the unique wine that could be created here, in this young land, New Zealand, by those with the vision, and the passion, and the tenacious commitment to capture it, and craft it, and share it with the world. That winemaker was Sir George Fistonich. And his love of wine is now ours. The growth and success of Villa Maria since 1961, through adversity and challenge, has been founded on this bold, entrepreneurial, can-do spirit, and relentless passion to create and share exceptional quality wines that are a unique expression of our land.

Today, we all proudly continue Sir George’s legacy, each one of us constantly striving to explore what’s possible, to do what’s right, to lead the way, and to create better - the very best from New Zealand. Together, we look to the future and see the extraordinary possibility of the unique wine experiences we can capture, and craft and share with the world.

Villa Maria…Made for the Moment, Made from New Zealand

Moments are the coming together of unique elements to make incredible experiences and lasting memories. Villa Maria wines are made from the land and spirit of Aotearoa. They’re bold, iconic, evocative, passionately crafted. They leap from the glass, eager to tell of the cool ocean breezes and alluvial soils that lend their subtle character. Those who enjoy our wines are equally confident, with eye for quality and an adventurous heart. When our wines and those who appreciate them come together, unforgettable moments are made. Any occasion is elevated, made richer and more vibrant. From the big event to the spontaneous get together, Villa Maria wines invite people to seize the moment. Naturally wild and untethered by convention, our wines bring an energy matched only by their flavours. Our desire to share them with the world is creating great moments for wine lovers everywhere. Made for the moment.

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